This thing called Our Maisha – life

Our Maisha came about as I was marinating on the happennings in our world and my personal life.  Maisha in Swahili means life. Social media has shown us that though we live in different continents and come from different cultures we seem to share the same fears, hopes, aspirations and ignorance to a certain degree.

Our Maisha are musings on what goes on in life and in the hood of where I may be at.

I have a torrid love affair with the outdoors, any adrenaline pumping activity. It’s a courtship of sorts because as much as I am suspect of the unknown I cannot stand being away from exploring and experiencing new adventures.IMG-20140803-WA0006

Absolutely in love with Africa – the good, the bad, the ugly mugly.

Currently I’m working as a Communications Specialist for a non profit organisation in South Africa.

All posts are written by me – Aika unless otherwise stated.