a month

It is a month since I started my blogging journey. I didn’t realise that it would sort of be a formidable task to put myself out there. Writing is quite like a peephole into oneself. A couple of seconds before deciding to publish a post I wonder if it is too personal, does anyone really  wanna hear about this? Can they relate? And a couple of other fleeting thoughts. Am I the only one who feels this way? Thing is I love reading other blog posts especially when they dig deep into their personal journey of self. I love that this platform allows one to connect even though we live in different parts of the world.

I am in South Africa by the way, a country in Africa, quite developed too. A definite visit drop me a note if you would like to plan a visit. I have a passion for different environs, cultures, and an absolute love for adventure sports much to my moms disdain. Haven’t done much of either recently as I’m trying to get myself sorted – money is a bit tight and work is just crazy hectic right now. Not trying to live to work but seems like for now it is what I must do. I am hoping to venture out as a party stylist/planner as I have started doing theme styled parties, dinners, luncheons and alike (will post pics).Creative, anal, organisational I like to see a blank backdrop/setting/context come to life; whatever the subject may be whether it is in writing content, and or creating a themed party/event.

A few pics of Cape Town, South Africa

Single, I am head over heels for someone who is a thousands of miles away. I love my mom so much and will talk about her a lot, we have been through quite a bit. Folks Life is crazy beautiful but can be quite harsh. One minute you have everything, the next you are left with almost nothing. During that time I grew up in a whole other way. I am still growing, evolving, learning. But yeah anyways..

Just wanna drop a quick note and say thank you for reading the little I put out, sharing.. and stay beautiful folks.




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