She …


Touches the inner soul of me like no other

I ache to the depth of my being when I know her pain

Consumes me

I think of a time when I did not need her

And it fails me

I cannot fathom

Why will she not rest in her graying years?

I doubt I can be as compassionate as – She

Heartaches that one fails to put into words

Emotional abuse, cancer survivor, physical abuse, cultural pressures

I watched you search deep, tear down the walls and crawl out of the abyss

Still She does not know how to take a breather

I have learnt immensely from watching – She

To be strong, caring, and confident, never lose hope, forgive and love

I refuse to imagine a life without – She

Gladly lay mine

She–  is my mom

Happy Birthday Mami – I wish that I could be half the person my mom is but I know that I cannot. I believe in an eye for an eye and would not be able to turn the other cheek like she did and does. I do not know if parents realise that when we are kids we pay attention to everything. I may not have understood it at the time but through the years I fully comprehend the reality of the situations of the past.







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