A Taste

Taxi, the man yelled as he hurriedly tried to hail a cab. He was running terribly late. The lab would be frantic.

As he got into the cab he sensed something menacing. Was he just imagining it? He was still trying to recover from his scare of the collapsing scaffolding outside his building. Top most on Jerry’s mind though was his work at the lab. They had called him at dawn, he was needed urgently.

The taxi had a familiar pungent sweet smell. The tinted windows made it unusually dark and the seats felt sticky in spots. The driver had not turned to face him. Startled Jerry could feel something tugging at his foot. Was someone else in the cab? Cringing, he thought should I get out?tunnel3

Passing through a tunnel everything went pitch black. Startled, he tried to scream but couldn’t find his voice. Something was gnawing at his leg! Immobilised with fear, he croaked help.

Coming out the tunnel to his horror several pairs of tiny wild glazed eyes were salivating at him – Rats! Terrified with fear, it suddenly came to him – that familiar smell was of the fruit and meat he usually fed his lab rats!

He thought of his work, Jerry had been feeding them bits of warm human remains; they had developed a taste for human flesh. Panic stricken and in disbelief he thought wildly why wasn’t the cab driver helping him? Was the virus airborne? He passed out cold.

Short Story


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