Rant – Personal Space !!

Yay for Friday, it has been a roller coaster week at work – euphoria, downslides, and occasional flatliners. I think I have been high strung, which brings me to the focus of this piece. I was standing in line yesterday evening at Spar (it is a leading grocery retailer in South Africa much like Kroger in the U.S or Tesco in U.K) waiting to ring up my groceries and lo and behold I could literally feel the person behind me. Why do people do that? Have they not heard of personal space?



I thought I was going to literally spazz out. Turning around almost violently, kid you not, I gave the person that look only women know how to give – a mixture of rolling eyes, exasperation, and just plain annoyance. I went on to say what the heck!!! Then told him with deadly calm that he was standing too close. He thought it was funny. This only annoyed me further. I told him that if I can feel you breathing at the nape of my neck, you are too darn close!! If I can basically get more than a whiff of what you ate, you are standing too darn close!! I almost added if I can smell more than your aftershave, you are standing too darn close !!

Ok, so maybe I did spazz out a bit. But then again I did not because I did not raise my voice. Surely I get points for being civil? It was all said with lethal composure. It did not take me but a minute to express myself verbally but writing it down it does seem a bit much.

So I had a bit of an audience, it was now my turn at the cash register and the cashier was quite amused so was the bagger guy at the end, the one who bags your groceries. The man was gracious enough to apologise and said his girlfriend is pretty much the same way, need for personal space. I did wonder what kind of personal space his girlfriend was referring to.

Personal space is very important, there should be a law that one should not be allowed to invade personal spaces in any environ period!!!

OK so it has been a heck of a week and I may be a bit edgy. This is my written rant for the day. I feel a tad better  – haha.




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