Daily Prompt: Sandwich. A bite here and there


The alarm goes off it is time to take on the day. What will the crack of dawn bring- at work, with friends, with the people I am yet to meet? How will I react? Will I be considerate, will I put in my all, will I stay true to myself?  What is self?

I wonder how my mom and brother are doing. They are my earth. Will do anything for them. I am fiercely loyal.

Life serves you a sandwich on a platter, on one end it is spread generously with a helping of living for yourself and on the other end it is spread with a dollop of living for others; what happens in-between is your choice of fillings.

How do you then find the balance in this crazy beautiful world filled with delicious sometimes sour sandwich fillings?

I am still on this journey of self –discovery having a bite here and there out of my sandwich, amazed at the flavours I choose primarily new and at other times familiar.



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sandwich. A bite here and there

    1. I was thinking of the choices I make for myself and the ones I love. I always put those I care for first, learning to find that happy medium of self is an interesting process. Feel sandwiched. Not necessarily in a bad way. Much love for understanding & liking the post.

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