PED in athletics


Right off the bat, PED stands for Performance-enhancing substances that are used to improve any form of activity performance in humans.

Indeed, in the lead-up to the recently ended Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympics, sports news headlines globally were awash with damaging allegations of a state-sponsored program of doping corroding many sports in Russia, particularly athletics.

As the start of the Rio Summer Games drew closer and closer, a searching probe into the extremely serious allegations was already well in progress and just about a week or so before the eagerly awaited Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro were slated to definitively begin the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), together with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) dropped the explosive bombshell that left all true sports fans terribly taken aback: the two august bodies revealed that an investigation into the said doping allegations regarding Russian athletics had uncovered damning evidence that proved that the cursed widespread practice of doping was indeed devastatingly eating away at the once-formidable fabric of Russian athletics. Did I hear you knowingly comment: there is no smoke without fire, perchance?

Now that the brief fun and games are over, it was a blessed and warmly appreciated twist of fate that the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Games turned out to be such a memorable as well as unquestioningly historic sporting spectacle even despite a few hiccups here and there. Why do we constantly pick on Caster Semanya from South Africa – get over it already, what about the fiasco of the four U.S swimmers who cried wolf to name a few.

Nevertheless, as the warm afterglow of those Games continues to increasingly fade and fade, it is without a doubt that this same demoralizing scandal of doping in Russian athletics will slowly and ominously assume center-stage again on the world’s treasured sports landscape. It is after all one of those ills which can literally and quite destructively suck out the joie de vivre of sports fans anywhere here on terra firma.

Guest Blogger – Lloyd Elipokea













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