It seems like the world is going through a downward spiral in terms of governance. African leaders do not want to give right of way to younger brighter minds . Leaders that we once revered are now solely responsible for their country’s misery and a source of ridicule.

What is the deal with Mugabe – he has been President of Zimbabwe since 1980??


He was born in 1924 – Need we say more? Since the 1990’s the country’s commercial farming has collapsed, causing years of hyperinflation and food shortages. His wife goes on expensive shopping sprees in Europe ( spent $120,000 in 2003) meanwhile Zimbabweans can not buy a loaf of bread and are refugees in neighbouring countries.

Museveni of Uganda is in the same boat, he has been President since 1986. Yes, he helped to oust the ever so notorious Idi Amin but it is time for him to relinquish power.

Equatorial Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has ruled for 36 years and still going strong.

Hold up let us not think only African leaders are losing their marbles! Take a look at U.S. Seriously could they not come up with better Presidential candidates than Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton? Yes, Trump is outspoken, apparently gets things done but he is crass and somewhat ignorant: to Domestic and Foreign policies to name but a few. Being a leader of the U.S whether the rest of us acknowledge it means being a leader of the World. He will undoubtedly cause another World War just by his gobbledygook rhetoric. Frankly speaking U.S might go into a depression. Trumpniks, Trumpism how can you make America great again through a depression? Let’s be real.

One would think that the thought of Hilary being the first woman president would bring to the surface good feelings but the U.S just do not seem taken by her. Why should we care if her hair is greying, she is not allowed to be too strong, or vulnerable. She has been called a cold granny. Doggone it  make up your minds already.  Could it just be the plain fact that America is still very sexist and not ready for a female President? Or does she really not know what drives business activity and the economy?

Which is the lesser of two evils here – Trump or Hilary.

All this would make for a hilarious sitcom from Mugabe’s falling antics to Trumps rantings but it’s actually quite horrifying. Here in S.A we are going through our own political shenanigans but if the 2016 local government elections are anything to go by looks like ANC might have to dance to a different tune for the so called clever blacks! Hold your horses – Zuma’s quote not mine. ANC walked away with their tails between their legs as they clearly didn’t dominate in several of the big metropolitan areas as expected.

With the advent of social media it is getting a bit harder for governments to be so vile in their activities.  At the end of the day we – the people make a difference. We just cannot have African leaders ruling for years no matter how great they start off because it always ends horridly.


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