The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

A warm shout out to Miriam of for nominating me for this award. Check out her blog here you’ll find posts on reflections, sharing and being a blessing to others amongst others.


About this Award
This is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anyone that you choose deserves it and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.




  1. Answer 3 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  2. Nominate 7 to 8 fellow bloggers.
  3. Ask 3 questions to the nominees

Questions Miriam asked me

1.What is your most memorable moment? When I had to leave everything that I/we  knew – it was necessary to be done. You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

2.When was your last time of having tears of joy? My mom was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. It was and is an emotional roller coaster of proportions. Hearing the Dr tell us that the cancer is in remission was life changing. Till today we cry tears of joy at every check up she goes through.

3.What do you like the best about blogging? It is sort of an outlet, although must say I most enjoy too reading and discovering other blogs; most especially understanding  other viewpoints.

My Nominees

I have come across some absolutely amazing blogs – Seasoned bloggers and Newbies. I think some of you already have numerous awards.

  1. Paintdigi
  2. The Lonely Author
  3. Sascha Darlington
  4. lifexperimentblog – mliae
  5. Daughters Of Africa
  6. Crumble Cult by Tony Single
  7. The Girl in the Little Black Dress
  8. Incredible Pie

My Questions

  1. Which part of writing is a challenge for you?
  2. What do you do when noone is looking that one might find odd 😉 ?
  3. Who or what motivates you to get through a bad day and how?

Thank Ya 😉



a month

It is a month since I started my blogging journey. I didn’t realise that it would sort of be a formidable task to put myself out there. Writing is quite like a peephole into oneself. A couple of seconds before deciding to publish a post I wonder if it is too personal, does anyone really  wanna hear about this? Can they relate? And a couple of other fleeting thoughts. Am I the only one who feels this way? Thing is I love reading other blog posts especially when they dig deep into their personal journey of self. I love that this platform allows one to connect even though we live in different parts of the world.

I am in South Africa by the way, a country in Africa, quite developed too. A definite visit drop me a note if you would like to plan a visit. I have a passion for different environs, cultures, and an absolute love for adventure sports much to my moms disdain. Haven’t done much of either recently as I’m trying to get myself sorted – money is a bit tight and work is just crazy hectic right now. Not trying to live to work but seems like for now it is what I must do. I am hoping to venture out as a party stylist/planner as I have started doing theme styled parties, dinners, luncheons and alike (will post pics).Creative, anal, organisational I like to see a blank backdrop/setting/context come to life; whatever the subject may be whether it is in writing content, and or creating a themed party/event.

A few pics of Cape Town, South Africa

Single, I am head over heels for someone who is a thousands of miles away. I love my mom so much and will talk about her a lot, we have been through quite a bit. Folks Life is crazy beautiful but can be quite harsh. One minute you have everything, the next you are left with almost nothing. During that time I grew up in a whole other way. I am still growing, evolving, learning. But yeah anyways..

Just wanna drop a quick note and say thank you for reading the little I put out, sharing.. and stay beautiful folks.



She …


Touches the inner soul of me like no other

I ache to the depth of my being when I know her pain

Consumes me

I think of a time when I did not need her

And it fails me

I cannot fathom

Why will she not rest in her graying years?

I doubt I can be as compassionate as – She

Heartaches that one fails to put into words

Emotional abuse, cancer survivor, physical abuse, cultural pressures

I watched you search deep, tear down the walls and crawl out of the abyss

Still She does not know how to take a breather

I have learnt immensely from watching – She

To be strong, caring, and confident, never lose hope, forgive and love

I refuse to imagine a life without – She

Gladly lay mine

She–  is my mom

Happy Birthday Mami – I wish that I could be half the person my mom is but I know that I cannot. I believe in an eye for an eye and would not be able to turn the other cheek like she did and does. I do not know if parents realise that when we are kids we pay attention to everything. I may not have understood it at the time but through the years I fully comprehend the reality of the situations of the past.






A Taste

Taxi, the man yelled as he hurriedly tried to hail a cab. He was running terribly late. The lab would be frantic.

As he got into the cab he sensed something menacing. Was he just imagining it? He was still trying to recover from his scare of the collapsing scaffolding outside his building. Top most on Jerry’s mind though was his work at the lab. They had called him at dawn, he was needed urgently.

The taxi had a familiar pungent sweet smell. The tinted windows made it unusually dark and the seats felt sticky in spots. The driver had not turned to face him. Startled Jerry could feel something tugging at his foot. Was someone else in the cab? Cringing, he thought should I get out?tunnel3

Passing through a tunnel everything went pitch black. Startled, he tried to scream but couldn’t find his voice. Something was gnawing at his leg! Immobilised with fear, he croaked help.

Coming out the tunnel to his horror several pairs of tiny wild glazed eyes were salivating at him – Rats! Terrified with fear, it suddenly came to him – that familiar smell was of the fruit and meat he usually fed his lab rats!

He thought of his work, Jerry had been feeding them bits of warm human remains; they had developed a taste for human flesh. Panic stricken and in disbelief he thought wildly why wasn’t the cab driver helping him? Was the virus airborne? He passed out cold.

Short Story

Daily Prompt: Sandwich. A bite here and there


The alarm goes off it is time to take on the day. What will the crack of dawn bring- at work, with friends, with the people I am yet to meet? How will I react? Will I be considerate, will I put in my all, will I stay true to myself?  What is self?

I wonder how my mom and brother are doing. They are my earth. Will do anything for them. I am fiercely loyal.

Life serves you a sandwich on a platter, on one end it is spread generously with a helping of living for yourself and on the other end it is spread with a dollop of living for others; what happens in-between is your choice of fillings.

How do you then find the balance in this crazy beautiful world filled with delicious sometimes sour sandwich fillings?

I am still on this journey of self –discovery having a bite here and there out of my sandwich, amazed at the flavours I choose primarily new and at other times familiar.


Rant – Personal Space !!

Yay for Friday, it has been a roller coaster week at work – euphoria, downslides, and occasional flatliners. I think I have been high strung, which brings me to the focus of this piece. I was standing in line yesterday evening at Spar (it is a leading grocery retailer in South Africa much like Kroger in the U.S or Tesco in U.K) waiting to ring up my groceries and lo and behold I could literally feel the person behind me. Why do people do that? Have they not heard of personal space?



I thought I was going to literally spazz out. Turning around almost violently, kid you not, I gave the person that look only women know how to give – a mixture of rolling eyes, exasperation, and just plain annoyance. I went on to say what the heck!!! Then told him with deadly calm that he was standing too close. He thought it was funny. This only annoyed me further. I told him that if I can feel you breathing at the nape of my neck, you are too darn close!! If I can basically get more than a whiff of what you ate, you are standing too darn close!! I almost added if I can smell more than your aftershave, you are standing too darn close !!

Ok, so maybe I did spazz out a bit. But then again I did not because I did not raise my voice. Surely I get points for being civil? It was all said with lethal composure. It did not take me but a minute to express myself verbally but writing it down it does seem a bit much.

So I had a bit of an audience, it was now my turn at the cash register and the cashier was quite amused so was the bagger guy at the end, the one who bags your groceries. The man was gracious enough to apologise and said his girlfriend is pretty much the same way, need for personal space. I did wonder what kind of personal space his girlfriend was referring to.

Personal space is very important, there should be a law that one should not be allowed to invade personal spaces in any environ period!!!

OK so it has been a heck of a week and I may be a bit edgy. This is my written rant for the day. I feel a tad better  – haha.